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Allotment Mod - Create and Manage Garden Allotments

Uploaded May 13, 2024, 9:53 p.m.

Updated May 16, 2024, 8:26 p.m.

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Updates - Please download UPDATED RAR! Thanks :)

  • 16/05/2024 - You can now plant directly in the plant pots with multiple slots. Plant pots also have an option to dispose plants inside.
  • 15/05/2024 - Added non-default replacement SN plant pots which allow community lot plants to need watering, weeding and fertilising. Plants will update everday at 6am. You can also plant directly in this plant pot if your sim has seeds/plantable ingredients and the required gardening skill. On residential lots, pots work as the usual EA pots.

I made this mod for desiree-uk! It's being shared as per her suggestion. A big thank you to her and I hope you all enjoy!

Put your community (or residential) gardens to use! Create and rent allotments, push gardening interactions and make a nice profit while you're at it.

Place the allotment marker in a gated enclosure, set the sim who will be renting the allotment, and they'll take care of all the plants within their enclosure, plus partake in other specified duties.

Available Duties - Toggle on/off - visibility subject to lot-type

  • Water,
  • Weed,
  • Harvest,
  • Get Fertiliser,
  • Fertilise Plants,
  • Dispose of Dead Plants,
  • Rake Leaves,
  • Burn or Dispose Leaves.

Gardening Push

As the allotment marker is a meta object, the sim renting the marker may autonomously be pushed to the lot to garden their allotment while inactive.

The marker is also a broadcaster object, so while within the vicinity, the renter will be pushed to complete any outstanding garden activities while in range.

You can also set up dedicated gardening days to push your sim to the lot and prevent your sim from coming to garden during certain seasons.


Set an owner for the allotment or attach a Bronzo* bank to the marker and make your sim pay to use the space! You can even set up automatic rent payments.


Link a harvest box to the allotment marker and all harvested produce will go straight into the box instead of clogging up your sims inventory. You can also sell produce straight from the box!


My social clubs mod and Ani's compost mod. Without these, the mod will at worst, crash, and at best, not work as intended.

Please read the included documentation for a more comprehensible feature breakdown.


A collection file is included for easy access to the objects.

Otherwise: the harvest box is in storage/misc. for $190 and the allotment marker is in outdoors/lawn ornaments for $35.


To @aroundthesims for generously allowing me to use her objects for my mods. To @anitmb for her composting mod which has helped to enhance this mod. To douglasveiga from MTS for the gardener service mod which I looked at when my interactions weren't working as intended.

Please enjoy!

Rooms: Outdoor

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