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Real Estate Mod - Become an active realtor!

Uploaded Nov. 14, 2023, 8:01 p.m.

Updated Nov. 14, 2023, 8:01 p.m.

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Jump into the world of buying and selling. You can now play as an active real estate agent, selling properties to sims throughout the town.

As is my style, this mod is made with rotational play in mind, so there are unique interactions for both buyers and sellers, if you want to play both sides.

Become an estate agent and choose from residential and valid community lots to list for sale. You can appraise residential lots, edit the details of lots, and gain a rating that will unlock more interactions.

Buyers can put in offers for properties, visit listed lots to check them out and get information about houses from both estate agents and sellers.

Once offers have been accepted, close on the property, pay up, and do with it what you wish! Move in, fix it up and re-sell it, rent it out...

Realtors will get a nice commission with each sale and you can track your sales to see your stats.

Recommended accompanying mods (aka optional): - Missy Hissy's Real Estate Career - Roommates and Apartments Fix Mod - My Social Clubs mod - NRaas Tagger

Please see the included documentation for more information on why these are recommended.

Compatibility: - This is a module for my Go To Court mod, so that's required for this mod to work. See mod requirements there. - Made on version 1.67.

Thanks to: - Big thanks to @aroundthesims for allowing me to use her objects in my mods. All credit for the objects goes to her. - Thank you to @desiree-uk for testing the mod with me and for contributing ideas that I put into the mod. - Shout out to the Sims 4 Rental mod by SimRealist as I looked at their mod for ideas.

Questions: Check the Q&A part of the documentation, I may have already answered your question!

Rooms: Office

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