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Simblreen (2023): Simblreen 2023 Pattern Set

Uploaded Nov. 1, 2023, midnight

Updated Nov. 2, 2023, 2:38 p.m.

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After lots of back-patting on myself (I did it, yay!) I now just have to write this description to finalize my Simblreen contribution for 2023. It's been a while since I managed to finish a project, hence the back-patting ☺️

My Simblreen treat is a set of 28 Halloween-themed patterns. You'll find quite a few Tim Burton-inspired ones, as well as some nice knitted ones too. The knit patterns are a matching set, so you can use the cabled pattern and have a matching rib to make especially neat sweaters!

You can find the patterns in the geometric and themed categories. Most pattern designs are from Spoonflower (I usually heavily edit them though). My patterns are fully recolorable! I highly encourage tinkering with them. Just pay attention to what the channels do (it helps to change the colors drastically to figure it out).

On most realistic-looking patterns, I generally put a darker base in the first channel and the last channels are for smaller details, highlights, or texture effects. You can set the texture depth on some patterns like the pinstripe, and enhance or remove them to make the pattern look flat instead.

You probably don't care about all this right now and figure it out in-game, so I'll stop rambling. Enjoy!🎃

Note: I did test these and I am known for my perfectionism, so they should be fine. However, if you do notice something that needs fixing, please contact me.✨

TOU: You can include my patterns with your own TS3 content if you give credit (link to the download & mention Simlicious). Do not reupload for sharing purposes, do not paywall, do not make money off of my CC. Thank you!

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