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The Sims 3 CAS Screens, Default Replacements
CAS Monotone: additional colors

There are still few colors, because I have a poor imagination and I don’t like any colors anymore (at least if it’s not acidic and isn’t a dark color that blends in with hair color)

The Sims 3 Hairs
Wings TZ0104 4t3

Poly: 16.1K Texture: Wings, control map: Plumblobs All lods Credits: Wings Original TS4

The Sims 3 Hairs
Rethinking old Hairstyles

Rethinking old Hairstyles

The Sims 3 Clothing
2t3 pack of clothes

2t3 pack of clothes

The Sims 3 Decorations, Miscellaneous
Withlovefromsimtown Terrible Signs 2t3

Withlovefromsimtown Terrible Signs 2t3

The Sims 3 Decorations, Miscellaneous
2t3 MogHughson Shop Sign 6 tiles

There are two versions: english and simlish

The Sims 3 Architecture, Doors, Fences, Windows
Conversion random building objects 2t3

I delayed this set for a whole month, because I could not solve the problem with two doors, which I ended up not including in this set.

The Sims 3 Decorations, Electronics, Storages
Conversion random objects 2t3

Recolorable / Taken from expansions and stuff: Apartment Life, Nightlife, Seasons, base, Mansion & Garden, Free Time

The Sims 3 Flooring, Walls
Random wall and floor conversion 2t3

Recolorable / Taken from expansions and stuff: base, Apartmen Life, Glamour Life Stuff

The Sims 3 Clothing, Gothic / Punk / Alternative, Hairs, Winter
Pack of conversions 2t3

Low poly (This The Sims 2, lol) / Recolorable

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